Avg Score 17.33

Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2009 Austria Austria £8 Riesling,

Andrew Jefford


Full gold in color. Sweet, warm, doughy scents with plenty of appeal, though not a lot of focus or precision. A lovely gentle drift through sweet scentlands. On the palate, the wine is rounded, soft, warm, very secondary—just a memory of peach rather than the peach itself. Convincing, though, and there’s a delicious minerality here. Plenty of alcohol warmth would make this a jovial mealtime wine, but aesthetically it is well incorporated. Rich, mouth-filling finish, with some vanilla intrigue. Weighty and unvarietal, but I am assuming very true to site and place. A lovely drink, too, though it needs respect.

Stephen Reinhardt


Bright golden color. Sur lie aromas, well-concentrated fruit and peas. Rich and racy on the palate; dry, very yeasty, and quite unfinished; a little bit drying out on the finish. Good wine, though a little bit rustic perhaps. One will anyway have to wait for another three or four years to discover the real merits of this wine.

Andreas Larsson


Excellent purity and intensity on the nose, with elegant fruit and stony notes; great grip on the palate, really structured, with good extract, ripe stone fruit, and mouthwatering acidity; a very long finish, youthful and vibrant, but with great potential.