Avg Score 13.67

Peter Jakob Kühn Oestrich Doosberg Riesling

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2010 Germany Rheingau £22 Riesling,

Andreas Larsson


Quite ripe and almost roasted aromas with notes of crème brûlée, honey, and glazed fruit. The palate shows some of those caramelized flavors, too, and a really high freshness. Lacks some mid-palate and roundness, though, and feels a little bit dissipated at present.

Andrew Jefford


Full gold in color. Warm, bright orchard fruits, with a slightly greener cast to them than for many of this wine’s peers. One has the sense that this may evolve toward kerosene before long, though it hasn’t begun to do that yet; still grassy fresh just now. Seamless and beguiling. On the palate, this is a slightly tarter wine than most of its regional and national peers; dry but a touch raw—apple with a little of the core adhering. There’s also less fruit richness, less glycerol, and less minerality, too, to cover the acidity than in the very best wines. Nonetheless, I would still enjoy drinking this refreshing, lemony dry Riesling.

Stephen Reinhardt


Intense golden color. Ultra-ripe and yeasty. Some malolactic hints. The very ripe fruit is completely hidden at the moment—on the nose, but also on the palate, which is quite broad. Piquant and marked, if not a little bit aggressive, in its acidity. Firm structure, chalky, drying out a little bit on the finish. This wine is rather out of sorts at the moment, and I would prefer not to score it.