Avg Score 16.67

Metternich & Salomon Pfaffenberg

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2010 Austria Austria £24 Riesling,

Stephen Reinhardt


Water colored. Very elegant and refined on the nose, with very subtle fruit aromas, still a little bit yeasty. Clear, bright, and fruity on the palate, very elegant and piquant, but really dry, and again I wonder, “How would this wine taste with a touch of residual sugar?” Very pure and bone-dry in character, clearing the palate completely and uncompromisingly. A little bit drying on the finish due to the yeasty layers. Good character.

Andreas Larsson


A youthful and pure nose that displays mineral notes and ripe citrus; still a bit reserved, although the palate is generous and offers a nice structure, with ripe but not overripe fruit. A high level of freshness and extract; really nice length as well.

Andrew Jefford


Silver-gold. Fresh, doughy, sweet: lots of pineapple charm smoothed and worked into the apple and apricot, and a bit of ginger spice, too. On the palate, this is rather edgier and more acid-structured than many of its peers, giving an impression of sheerness that works well with the intrinsic backing richness that is the legacy of soils and climates. That distinctive Austrian vanilla sheen is much in evidence, too: a liaison for the disparate fruits. Ample yet poised and fresh, and with lots of detail—excellent wine.