Avg Score 16.67

Dopff Au Moulin Riesling

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2008 France Alsace £13 Riesling,

Andreas Larsson


A discreet and mineral nose, with some floral notes and hints of stone fruit; a very fine palate, full and ample, with a bright acidity and elegant fruit; a bit youthful and restrained but with a fine potential.

Andrew Jefford


Pale to mid-gold in color. Baked, warm, and full: a warm site? Some caramelized apple, dried peach, pickled lime. On the palate, this is intense, vivid, vigorous, with plenty of acidic drive; there is much less of the solar lusciousness that the aromas suggested. Very noble and pure, almost craggy, though, as always with Alsace, there is lots of ripeness; high levels of acidity, but it’s rounded and smoothed to the last molecule. Less minerality is apparent to me than in some of its regional peers. Excellent wine for drinking and palate-relishing rather than sniffing.

Stephen Reinhardt


Bright golden color. A complex and mineral nose, the marriage of ripe fruit, sweet herbal aromas, honey, and earthy notes. Very elegant and thrillingly mineral on the palate, with nice fruitiness and finesse due to some grams of residual sugar, which gives roundness and length to the wine. Great wine that should be stored for at least five or six years.