Avg Score 16.67

Domaine Zind Humbrecht Rangen de Thaan Clos St Urbain

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2009 France Alsace £16 Riesling,

Stephen Reinhardt


Golden color. Almost Traminer-like on the nose, very aromatic and opulent. Round on the palate, with nice acidity, but extremely opulent and powerful. I find it a little bit overdone, and the alcohol level is definitely too high to capture the talents of Riesling. A good match for some food dishes, but mind you drink it solo.

Andreas Larsson


Very exotic on the nose, almost Gewurztraminer-like, with spices, saffron, honey, yellow plum, and waxy aromas. The palate is incredibly concentrated and bold, yet finely balanced due to a high level of acidity and extract. Luscious fruit and dry spices lead into an exotic and very long aftertaste.

Andrew Jefford


Full gold in color. This is utterly different from any other wine so far (though it is also the final wine): an entire library of fruits (dessert apple, ripe peach, a hint of guava, mango, banana, crushed citrus); something forest-like (pine, fresh spring leaves, wild mint); a rummaged earthiness, too. It’s evidently very ripe, yet also pristine and fresh—and above all, hugely articulate. Profoundly exciting aromas. On the palate, it is another shocking wine: dramatic, totally unvarietal, deeply and profoundly mineral, dense, and with a finish that lasts 45 seconds or more. Texturally, it is not as rich as some other varietal wines would be in Alsace, yet it is ample and full, carried by its extract and glycerol. I admire the ambition behind this wine as much as I admire the wine itself: all place. And the place is a very special one. If you want to taste terroir, seek out this wine.