Avg Score 16

Domaine Marcel Deiss

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2008 France Alsace £13 Riesling,

Andrew Jefford


Full gold in color. Very rich and evolved, aromatically speaking, with lots of darker autumn-fruit notes and some felted leaf, too. I’m looking and looking but can’t find a lot of aromatic detail (or perhaps the aromatic detail works in a different way for sweeter wines). Yes: On the palate, frankly, this is a sweet wine and shouldn’t, strictly speaking, be in this tasting; it is, indeed, the sweetest wine I suspect we will have on the table. There’s plenty of purity and nobility to it but not a huge amount of detail and precision; its liquorous generosity would be great fun to sip… on another occasion.

Stephen Reinhardt


Golden color. Yes, there is fruit again: ripe and sweet and golden fruit, ultra-ripe pears, yellow plums. Quite sweet, rather medium than medium-dry. Mellow. There is elegance and finesse, but if you prefer a drier wine, you should wait at least 10–15 years. There is nothing wrong with this refined and transparent wine, as long as you do not drink it too early. Sweetness is dominating today.

Andreas Larsson


A very alluring nose that offers hints of mineral, honey, and wild berries. The palate shows great intensity. It’s a fairly high level of sweetness, albeit perfectly balanced with a brilliant freshness and layers of fruit; very persistent, with a good deal of complexity, too.