Avg Score 16

Château Petit-Village

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2006 France Bordeaux £46 sitemall,

Sam Leith m


Dark color, very developed nose with a light suggestion of red pepper classical of this property. (The style changed dramatically in 2009.) Elegant but in no way giving the complexity and the nobility of the place. A pop star with charming or even sexy high-toned voice, but the music is poor.

Thierry Desseauve


Deep color, powerful aromas of dry fruits, cigar box, cedar. A powerful wine, with ripe, but not-as-fine-as-expected tannins; rich and strong. A big wine, but it lacks elegance.

Michael Schuster


Still youthful and relatively closed to smell, quite minerally; very nicely balanced middleweight with a fine-grained tannin; long, fresh, ripe, and flavory; complex, aromatic, and very successful in the vintage; fine, savory Petit-Village with excellent aromatic length; tasty, harmonious, complete, and becoming a real Pomerol in style at last. Could drink with pleasure already because the texture is so fine, but still better in a couple of years. Now–2022+. Lovely interpretation of the year.