Avg Score 16.33

Château Malescot-St-Exupéry 3ème Cru

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2006 France Bordeaux £42 sitemall,

Michael Schuster


Dense, sweetly ripe early bouquet—very Merlot, full of promise; well-balanced medium-full wine in a slightly severe mold from its firm, dry oak tannins; a sweet, subtle Margaux fruit, quite complex and with good length; but this will need plenty of time to absorb the new wood. 2016–30.

Sam Leith m


Good color, nice nose, evolved skins from the berries evident on the nose and the tannin, high in alcohol, intense, carefully made but lacking some refinement in the taste and in the texture: true-to-2006-type wine, with a slight lack of freshness.

Thierry Desseauve


Elegant and fresh wine, with wild-strawberry flavors and subtle tannins. Not very deep, but real Margaux.