Avg Score 16.67

Château Clinet

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2006 France Bordeaux £54 sitemall,

Sam Leith m


Good color, ripe aromas, good body and texture, tannin slightly too heavy (excess not of extraction but of concentration!); lacks complexity in the finish. A wine certainly more impressive for tasting than for drinking.

Thierry Desseauve


Dark color; very oaky nose. The wine is generous and ample, but it lacks structure and energy. Hedonistic, but not a major success of the vintage.

Michael Schuster


Slightly reduced nose, but ripe black fruits underneath; lovely richness of fruit in a full-bodied, fresh, finely tannic wine—excellent balance in the year; rich, flavory wine with a velvety texture promised; long and dense combination of ripe fruit and minerality; plenty of matter, and an attractively Pomerol fleshiness of texture, too. Generous, gently muscular, complete wine. Very good. 2014–24+.