Avg Score 16

Château Bélair

Vintage Country Region Average Price Grape Variety
2006 France Bordeaux £56 sitemall,

Sam Leith m


Brownish color, hints of vegetal even herbaceous undertones in the nose, supple, certainly full of finesse but lacking beauty and class for its class! Picked too early.

Michael Schuster


Ripe, sweet fruit to smell; nicely balanced in its slightly old-fashioned style; elegant and scented, but without the ripeness of fruit that is currently fashionable; complex, aromatic, mineral, with the fruit there, but a bit firm in texture; will need plenty of time to soften. 2017–27+.

Thierry Desseauve


Fresh red fruits. Elegant and refined style, not a blockbuster, but a fine wine, soft and deep.