Travel News

  • New World of Fine Wine Travel Guide launched

    The World of Fine Wine has published its first Travel Guide comprising 136 pages of country and producer profiles, tips on what to see, and where to eat and stay.

  • Matchmaker FRIULI

    At the crossroads of Europe-where north meets south, east meets west, and the hills meet the sea-Friuli has an astonishingly rich and varied food and wine culture. But as Bruce Schoenfeld discovered, some of the most successful matches are the most surprising-and they travel well, too

  • Best Wine Destinations in New York

    Be it a desire to taste something local, sip on a glass of exclusive Bordeaux or attend a dinner where the wine takes centre stage, New York has something to suit all palates. Bursting with vinotecas, wine bars and wine merchants, here's our pick of the city's best.

  • Best Wine Destinations in London

    London has long been a top destination for wine, but following a recent surge in pop-up’s, tastings and events the city’s food-and-beverage scene has been revived and is more attractive than ever.

    If you've not yet tried one of London's many wine bars or browsed the aisles of an antiquated wine merchant on a cobbled London street, never fear, we've handpicked our favourite places in London to indulge in a glass of wine.

  • Best Restaurants in New York

    Whether it’s a precise wine and food pairing at one of the city’s top restaurants, a taste of something local or authentic worldly cuisine, New York has something to satisfy the fussiest eaters and oenophiles. We’ve sifted through New York’s myriad of eligible restaurants and separated the great from the good.

  • Best Restaurants in London

    Long been at the helm of the world food scene, London’s myriad of commendable restaurants - from the Michelin starred to roaming airstream vans – is growing rapidly and doesn’t look set to slow anytime soon. A world of food in one city thanks to London's mix of more than 270 different nationalities, take a look at our round up of the best restaurants in London.

  • Best Wine Destinations in Singapore

    Our pick of the best places in Singapore to buy, taste or guzzle wine.

  • Best Hotels in Istanbul

    Awash with opulent Ottoman inns, quaint Turkish guesthouses and modern hotels, Istanbul has fast become one of the most popular city break destinations in the world. Check out our favourite places to stay in Turkey's cultural capital.