Liquid Assets Archive

  • Successful swagger

    Ella Lister casts her analytical eye over the first quarter of 2012, looking at what is selling better than the hard-hit young Bordeaux. The SWAG phenomenon also comes under the spotlight, as she compares and contrasts four high-performing hard assets: silver, wine, art, and gold

  • Bidding for bidders

    Ella Lister analyses the falls in the key fine-wine indices during the second quarter of 2012, as well as the parallel slide in auction rooms, before revealing the very different ways in which auction houses around the world try to woo and wow their customers

  • Lower but Wider

    Reviewing the market and its key players and trends, Ella Lister looks back over 2011 and forward to 2012, asking whether the fall in prices for first-growth Bordeaux might actually be beneficial for the market as a whole, and whether they might still have further to fall

  • A bull in China

    Ella Lister looks at the first half of 2011 in the world of fine-wine auctions and trading, before presenting the second of her three-part investigation into wine-fund management

  • Bubbles and loopholes

    Ella Lister looks at the second and third quarters of 2011 in the world of fine-wine auctions and trading, before presenting the last in her three-part investigation into wine-fund management

  • Summer Sums

    Ella Lister charts the movers and shakers of the fine-wine world from July through September, before delving deep into provenance and the sticky issue of wine transportation-a double-edged sword in these days of high-profile global wine auctions

  • Year’s end the big picture

    Ella Lister rounds up 2010’s auction facts and figures, before turning her attention to the world of wine-storage facilities and their role in protecting vinous investments

  • What’s in a price?

    Ella Lister details some of the changes in the fine-wine market since the turn of the millennium and reports on the last quarter of 2009, including a special auction held in Paris in December

  • Six of One

    Ella Lister gives an overview of the bullish first six months of fine-wine trading in 2010, paying special attention to the second quarter, and offers a first-hand account of the frenzied trading at the height of the 2009 Bordeaux en primeur campaign

  • Bargain hunting

    Ella Lister analyzes fine-wine auction news for the first quarter of 2010, paying special attention to an artistic offering in New York, and questioning whether auctions or other sources offer the best value

  • Hong Kong Sales from the Orient

    Over the past decade Hong Kong has emerged as an important hub for fine-wine trading. Our new auctions and secondary market correspondent, Ella Lister, speaks to some of the major players on the island, which, with its links to Mainland China, is now second only to New York on the global auction scene