Liquid Assets Archive

  • Buying to invest, buying to drink—or both?

    Ella Lister ponders her lost potential fortunes before presenting a rundown of the auction market in 2019 and talking with Ian Mill QC, who sold a $9.5-million collection in New York in October

  • A reversal of wine-auction fortunes

    Ella Lister rounds up all the latest news from the world’s fine-wine salerooms, before looking ahead to what’s next under the hammer

  • Much more than just the usual Bordeaux big-hitters

    Ella Lister presents an overview of the second quarter of the year before focusing in on the general health of global wine auctions

  • Looking toward a year relying heavily on Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Barolo

    Ella Lister traverses the peaks and troughs of the last quarter of 2017 and rounds up the whole year, before unveiling the second part of her overview of online sales

  • Liquid assets

    The 2016 Bordeaux en primeur campaign may not have been the unqualified success it could have been, but, thanks to the sensible pricing of some châteaux, it looks to have strengthened the region’s position in the growing fine-wine market, says Ella Lister

  • Fine Wine in the UK, and the UK in Global Wine Markets

    The fine-wine market has started 2017 in robust health. “January […] got off to a flyer,” remarked Goedhuis senior broker, Toby Herbertson. “Trade has remained brisk across February,” confirmed Simon Larkin MW, managing director of Atlas Fine Wines. Liv-ex’s Cellar Watch report stated “March was an active month.”

  • The hare and the mutant ninja turtle

    The booming fine-wine market enjoyed a record year in 2016 by any measure. Ella Lister crunches the numbers to find the strongest performing regions, and speaks to leading merchants and auction houses about their prospects for 2017


    Ella Lister examines the recent stronger performance of the fine-wine market and presents an overview of auctions around the world in the first half of 2015

  • Staying positive

    Ella Lister looks at how fine wine has performed recently in comparison with the stock market, rounds up the auctions of this year’s first quarter, and presents the final part in her series on wine-exchange platforms

  • Last-chance saloon?

    Ella Lister examines recent fine-wine market performance, with a special focus on Bordeaux, before looking back at auction results over the course of 2014 and continuing her series on wine exchanges.

  • Index and exchange

    Ella Lister analyzes the fluctuating fortunes of the various fine-wine indices, before presenting the first in a series on the rise and fall and rise again of online wine-exchange platforms

  • Mummy Bear

    As players and pundits ponder whether the bear Bordeaux market is at or close to the end of its retreat, Ella Lister explores the ways in which the fine-wine market as a whole is widening, with bullish Burgundy and Rhône, Piedmont and Tuscany, and a higher proportion of more mature wines making more and more of the running

  • Mixed signals

    Ella Lister charts the contradictory market trends in the first quarter, when auctions showed positive signs of recovery, but key indices for the broader market continued the longest decline in their history.

  • New benchmark on the block

    Ella Lister looks at the fine-wine market in 2013 and what is happening with various trading indices, before presenting an overview of the year in wine auctions

  • Negating the Négociants?

    Ella Lister looks at the fine-wine market in the third quarter of 2013, before presenting the third installment of her coverage of the Place de Bordeaux, examining the feasibility of producers cutting négociants out of the traditional route to market

  • Courting Controversy

    Ella Lister looks at the fine-wine market in the second quarter of 2013, before presenting the second installment of her analysis of the Place de Bordeaux, delving into the multilayered manner in which wine is sold and the value added by both courtiers and négociants

Covid-19 Update

The 7th edition of the World’s Best Wine Lists Awards will still continue. Anyone who already entered their list will be in the judging process which is not affected by the current Covid-19 crisis, and anyone still wishing to submit their wine list for a star award can do so until 30th October, 2020. The results will be published as usual by December 2020.