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  1. The World of Fine Wine Announces the World's Best Wine Lists

    The World’s Best Wine Lists in association with Gaggenau have been announced, with Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient, receiving the honor of Wine List of the Year, Best Hotel Wine List in the World, and Champions’ League World’s Best By-the-Glass Wine List 2019.

  2. Homo Imbibens: The Work of Patrick McGovern

  3. Horizon-altering

  4. Chalk downland details

  5. The fruit of nobility of spirit

  6. Letting the land sing

  7. The variety behind the veil

  8. The smell and taste of cold itself

  9. The World of Fine Wine Announce The World’s Best Wine Lists 2018

    Earlier this month The World of Fine Wine revealed the winners of its 2018 World’s Best Wine List Awards at a ceremony hosted in association with Gaggenau at Vintners Hall, London.

  10. A life force, liquefied

    The weather? Here in Languedoc, it must have rained heavily at the close of November 2012, since the photographs I took in early December show my sons hurling small, wind- snapped branches into the swollen River Hérault. There will have been gathering darkness at the days’ end, of course, as the northern half of this tilting planet leaned out toward the rest of the universe, dragging night into our lives like a sleeper groping for a misplaced blanket.

  11. Opening the door to memory

  12. Atop and in awe of the magic mountain

    Just over a week before I wrote this, in mid-October 2015, I set out from the Pavillon hotel in Tain to climb the hill of Hermitage with some student friends. It was 7 in the evening. Would there be enough light left in the day to get us up and down again?

  13. Why Is Wine Tasting So Hard?

  14. Cliffhanger... But for how much longer?

  15. The World of Fine Wine and Octavian Announce: The World’s Best Wine Lists 2017

  16. Is a Sip Worth a Thousand Words?

    First published in Issue 21 2008

  17. World's Best Wine Lists Revealed

  18. Trentino and Alto Adige Whites: A Breath of Mountain Air

    First published in Issue 49 2015Andrew Jefford introduces an eye-opening, mouthwatering tasting of Italian whites fromone of the country’s northern regions. He was joined in the pursuit by Nicolas Belfrage MW and Bruno Besa, who rated them even more highly in the international context

  19. Dies Ira

    By Andrew Jefford First published in Issue 46 2014

  20. Jura: Cotes of Many Colors

    First published in Issue 45 2014Andrew Jefford introduces a very up-and-down tasting of this newly fashionable region, where he, Alex Hunt MW, and Charles Metcalfe found magnificent vins jaunes fully worthy of their high historical reputation, disappointing reds, and thrilling traditionally made whites