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  1. For the love of wine and wisdom

  2. Soldera: The Great Outsider

    First published in Issue 48 2015As he approaches his 40th vintage at Case Basse this year, Gianfranco Soldera is in some ways even more isolated in Montalcino than when he started. But after an attack on his cellar that destroyed most of six precious vintages of his sublime Sangiovese, he is more defiant and determined than ever, as well as a little more at one with the wider world. Neil Beckett explores the long and difficult path that Soldera has followed in his quest to produce some of the world’s great wines

  3. On Wine and Walking

    Visiting vineyards only to gather information is like visiting rose gardens to learn only how to prune, says Andrea Frost, who prefers to combine the aesthetic with the technical

  4. When wine stops words

    Many great writers claim drinking a glass of wine is indispensible to the creative process. Andrea Frost begs to differ, at least where her own work is concerned.

Covid-19 Update

The 7th edition of the World’s Best Wine Lists Awards will still continue. Anyone who already entered their list will be in the judging process which is not affected by the current Covid-19 crisis, and anyone still wishing to submit their wine list for a star award can do so until 30th October, 2020. The results will be published as usual by December 2020.