The World of Fine Wine has published its first Travel Guide comprising 136 pages of country and producer profiles, tips on what to see, and where to eat and stay.

The editorial content was produced by WFW Deputy Editor, David Williams, and contributors Rebecca Gibb MW, Joanne Gibson, and Natasha Hughes MW, who covered 15 countries and their finest wine regions, identifying the best producers and sites to visit. A select number of producer partners contributed to the supplement by highlighting their wine tourism offerings that range from winery museums, vineyard tours, and tutored tastings, to fine dining, luxury accommodation, and more.

“More and more producers are recognizing the importance of wine tourism and are welcoming more and more visitors,” observes WFW Editor, Neil Beckett. “Hotels and restaurants are offering wider selections of the region’s top wines, as well as the cuisine that matches them most perfectly.” These global developments are mirrored in the recent results of the World’s Best Wine Lists Awards, which also suggested that now was the right time to produce a dedicated travel supplement for WFW readers.

The first print edition has now been published with the June 2017 issue of WFW and is free for all subscribers. It can also be purchased separately here for $60/£45. The digital version presents a rotation of “country of the month” and “featured producers,” with expanded profiles, and is available free of charge here

An even more comprehensive WFW Travel Guide is already underway for 2018, including more wine-producing countries (England, India, China, Japan, Georgia, Croatia, Canada, and Lebanon), as well as travel topics such as wine-focused tours, cruises, and airlines. As the interest in visiting vineyards and meeting the winemakers grows, and the definition of fine wine widens to encompass more diverse styles and origins, the annual WFW Travel Guide will help wine lovers follow their passion literally back to its roots.