The Wine Lister website is now FREE to access for all private users. Following the recent celebration of its third birthday, the fine wine intelligence agency has created a simplified version of the original site dedicated to helping private fine wine collectors make smarter buying decisions.

The new site features an aggregated 100-point score, and allows access to information across all 30,000+ wine-vintages listed, alongside analysis tools to help users determine the best value vintages of a given wine, and to view price history, among others.

One such aid is a new, ground-breaking buy recommendation tool, WL MUST BUY, which is data driven, with an intelligence-based overlay. The algorithm takes into account a wine’s quality and value within its vintage and appellation, as well as the latest industry intelligence from key players in the global fine wine trade. The Wine Lister team then scours the results to identify must-buy wines based on its tasting experience and market knowledge. The MUST BUY list is dynamic, constantly changing as new data comes in and when the team reports back from its frequent travels and tastings. It uncovers wine-vintages at all price ranges that consumers must buy (if they can get them), whether for drinking now, laying down, or investing. Users can stay up to date with new MUST BUY wines on a monthly basis by signing up for a free Wine Lister account.

In tandem with this release of a simplified site for all users, comes the launch of Wine Lister Pro– a paid subscription service for members of the fine wine trade. In addition to everything on the free site, Wine Lister Pro subscribers now have exclusive access to the 360°, 1000-point score system, which allows more refined analysis of a wine’s commercial viability in the form of Quality, Brand, and Economics scores. Trade users also have the ability to search for wines with unprecedented granularity (for example, by search frequency or by long- or short- term price performance), as well as additional online and offline tools, all designed to enhance the efficiency of their wine trading activity. This development comes after extensive user analysis, and the resulting conclusion of the need for segmentation between tools for private and trade users. The introduction of the free-PRO (“freemium”) model makes this distinction sufficiently clear, allowing each audience the best use of Wine Lister’s unparalleled fine wine database and intelligence. Ella Lister, Wine Lister’s founder and CEO, said, “After three years of rapid growth and learning, we’re extremely excited to be introducing products tailored to different segments of the fine wine universe, be they consumers, trade, or the producers themselves. The uniting factor is of course our impartial database, upon which we have built a unique wine intelligence agency, thanks to our unmatched networks among these three groups and the inside track that gives us.

By popular demand, we’re adding this human intelligence into the mix alongside increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence, to bring our audience Wine Lister MUST BUYs. This new and continuously changing list is the ultimate guide to wines that consumers should be buying right now.”