Back in 1976, Geoffrey Jameson, the then Managing Director of Justerini & Brooks opened up Hong Kong as a pioneer market, with a series of large dinners and publicised events for private customers, hosted at both the Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula hotels.

Forty years on, our Managing Director Chadwick Delaney continues that tradition by hosting a dinner on the top floor of the Peninsular Hotel with some of Justerini & Brook’s most long standing and high profile private collectors, as well as editors from across the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese media.

In four decades, the Justerini & Brooks team has taken a nascent market to a position where the Far East now accounts for 40% of its private client business.

“When I took over the Asian markets for Justerini & Brooks nearly 14 years ago, it very quickly became apparent to me the level of connoisseurship within our client base. As a business we responded to that, and have since invested a lot of time and focus on building meaningful, personal relationships in this region – we now have some of the highest profile individuals in Asia as our customers, and who, across multiple countries, are choosing to build their cellars with Justerini & Brooks,” said Chadwick Delaney.

Established in St. James’s, London in 1749, Justerini & Brooks began looking after their first private customers in imperial India in 1858, New York in 1866, Hong Kong in 1976 and Singapore in 1982. Justerini & Brooks now looks after customers in over sixty countries around the world.