Hungary: infinite variety

Hungary, situated in the heart of Europe, has a wealth of culture and history, and in terms of winemaking, it offers an exciting fusion of authenticity and modernity, along with a distinctive variety of flavors and styles. You can experience an unprecedented revival in Hungarian winemaking: besides the well-known Aszú from Tokaj, delightful and lovely wines are bottled by talented and innovative winemakers. These bottles are full of joy and a must to discover—and so is Hungary!

A hundred years ago Hungary was among the most important wine producers of the continent. Royal courts in Europe clinked glasses filled with precious gold Tokaj wine, while other lush Hungarian whites and reds were lauded and enjoyed by the wealthy.

Hungary is gaining back its nearly forgotten fame and glory thanks to the countless small wineries owning estates replanted and carefully cultivated by the new generation of winegrowers. Beautiful wines from these vineyards are the result of traditional winemaking culture mixed with modernity and improvements.

If Hungarian products were to be placed in a wine shop according their flavor profile, they would be found in every corner of the store. Our wines represent a unique variety, as the wines of Eger, Tokaj, Villány, or Somló have a very distinctive taste and structure. Yet all these wines reflect their shared history and hundreds of years of tradition. The balanced wines of Eger, the complex sweets of Tokaj, the structured reds of Szekszárd and Villány, and the ashy whites of Somló and Lake Balaton: Hungary indeed boasts an amazing spectrum of wine varieties, all exciting, authentic, and waiting to be rediscovered.


The Tokaj region’s potential is tremendous. Its unparalleled natural environment—before all, the soil composition unique on the globe—its rich traditions, autochthone grape varieties and ambitious professionals give the entire region a continuous impetus. In the past years producers of the region have discovered that dry Furmint wines reflect the volcanic soils in the best and purest way. These efforts mean that today Tokaj is not only home to the best sweet wines but has also given the world a new taste through the dry Furmint.

Tokaji Aszú is probably the best natural sweet wine in the world, a product of the symphony of climate, soil, variety, people and history. The birth of Aszú grapes is a wonder of nature. It is due to the unique microclimate of the Tokaj wine region that this phenomenon can appear from year to year. The weather determined by the morning mist of the rivers Tisza and Bodrog and the autumn humidity followed by warming sunshine helps the mould called Botrytis cinerea to proliferate. The most notable grape variety of the Aszú and the entire region is the Furmint. The grape berries affected by noble rot are selected one by one (and strictly by hand), followed by a special wine making process. The balance in the Tokaji Aszú is perfect, and the complexity of its taste is infinite.