Miguel Torres Chile

Curicó Valley

Wine under a southern sun

The great Catalan wine producer has been at the forefront of progress in Chilean wine—and a pioneer in developing wine tourism in South America.

In 1979, backed by a history rooted in winemaking culture in Spain but searching for a new location to work in, Miguel Torres arrived in the Chilean Curicó Valley, home to an excellent wine-growing climate. The family brought innovations to the local wine making traditions by introducing stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels. Today, Miguel Torres Chile is also committed to organic vine growing and achieving Fair Trade certification for various wines. As a result, the winery is more sustainable and also runs several other sustainable projects. Miguel Torres Chile maintains the cornerstone concepts that have marked its history and production chain: Fair Trade, organic farming, and innovation. The winery has also worked with small suppliers from rain-fed areas to help recover traditional varieties almost lost in Chile, such as País, Carignan, and Muscat. With a presence in over 100 countries, over the past 30 years the Miguel Torres Chile family winery has established itself as one of the leading producers of high quality wines with a respect for the environment and an active social responsibility.

Wine Tourism

Miguel Torres Chile organizes several wine related experiences in its Visitor Center in Curicó, located about two hours’ drive from Santiago. For example, the “Torres Sparkling Wine Tour” is an ideal introduction to the sophisticated world of Torres Chile’s sparkling wines. This tour includes a visit to the winery; focusing mainly on the production of the acclaimed Miguel Torres sparkling wines using the traditional method/méthode Champenoise with second fermentation in the bottle. Our ‘Cordillera de los Andes Tour’ exhibits the winegrowing valleys of the Chile Collection and includes a visit to the winery to see the production of Torres’ red and white wines that recover the best of the identity of each of these grape varieties according to their origin. The “La Causa Tour—The rescue of the Itata Valley” is a fascinating tour highlighting the new Torres project in the Itata Valley, showcasing how the future of wine may in fact be written in the past. This guided tour looks at the oldest winegrowing valley in Chile and the recovery of heritage grape varieties, which is only possible with the work of small local producers who grow these varieties.

Wine Restaurant Miguel Torres

A visit to Miguel Torres Chile can be combined with a lunch on site at the Restaurant Miguel Torres overlooking the vineyards of Maquehua. The restaurant tries to retrieve the traditional flavors of Chilean cuisine whilst simultaneously transforming them into innovative dishes using organic products from the area and pairing them with wines from the Miguel Torres Chiles’ wine cellar.

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