Fields, Morris & Verdin (FMV) have announced the addition of renowned Chilean winery De Martino to its agency portfolio.

The De Martino family arrived in Chile from Italy in 1934 and settled in Isla de Maipo. Today, the winery is managed by brothers Sebastian and Marco De Martino who share an ongoing focus in creating wines, which represent the family and their origin in the purest way possible. This philosophy matches well with the family-focused values shared by Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Wine buyer for South America, Catriona Felstead MW comments; “Day to day operations are run by the impressive and well-travelled Sebastian and Marco De Martino, with winemaking under the watchful eye of one of Chile’s finest winemakers, Marcelo Retamal. Between them, Sebastian, Marco and ‘Reta’ have transformed De Martino over the past decade into arguably Chile’s most progressive and dynamic producer.”

“De Martino is at the top of its game in Chile, with a range of wines that spans from Limarí in the north to Itata in the south. They work sustainably across all their vineyards and use organic practices for their Itata and single vineyard wines.

Sebastian De Martino adds, “We are delighted with this new partnership. As family producers we are proud to represent the vineyards and landscape that we farm and in keeping with the Berry Bros. & Rudd and FMV philosophy we believe and understand that a long-term vision is what makes the difference. Becoming part of one of the oldest and most merchants in the world makes sense to us. Family owned too, this place is also home to many other families and producers that we consider both friends and inspiration."

Wines from De Martino are available now through FMV.