Born out of a shared love of Albariño wine, Spain’s Festa do viño Albariño has now grown to attract hundreds of thousands of national and international tourists and wine enthusiasts annually.

Not only does 2017 mark the 65th edition of the wine fest since its origination in 1953, but coincides with the city of Cambados being appointed European Wine City 2017. Organized by the European Network of Wine Cities by Recevin in Palmeiras, Portugal, this will be the 6th edition of the European Wine City Competition.

The Spanish wine festival is located in the town of Cambados, Galicia; the largest of the Galician estuaries in Val do Salnés, and is considered the oldest festival in the Galicia region.

The main event, started by a circle of friends all those years ago, is a competition between winemakers to determine the best Albariño of the year. The professional wine tasting incorporates experts, oenologists and sommeliers, from all over Spain, to taste the wines of the D.O. Rías Baixas. Key players in this event are, of course, the wine producers, and viticulturists, whom aim to reinforce the area’s growing economic sector.

The annual festivities kick off five days before the first Sunday in August, in the Pasea de la Calzada promenade, with a group of bagpipes and the opening of the ‘caldo’ tasting (a Spanish soup). Over the next five days and nights an amalgamation of local gastronomy, music concerts, folklore, parades, dancing, children’s events, and more, fill the streets and town of Cambados, reaching their pinnacle on the final evening with the announcement of the best Albariño of the year.

Also taking place on the last evening is an additional announcement for the admission of new Ladies and Gentlement by the Capítulo Serenísimo of Albariño association, who, “swear to defend the Albariño wine and to recognise it as legitimate lord of all wines in the world”.

Fireworks, parades, and a pyrotechnic display at one minute before midnight, conclude the five days in honor of the wine and the wine region.

In 2016 Cambados saw some 200,000 attendees from all walks of life, from government and business figures, to artists, intellectuals, journalists, and more. Over 90,000 bottles of wine were sold during the five days of the festival, reaching a new record for the event.