Leading fine wine and spirits merchant, Bordeaux Index, saw strong performance across products in 2020 despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic, recording over $125m in total sales.

Besides a smaller En Primeur campaign given the limited release volumes from Bordeaux chateaux, there were material gains on 2019 in terms of physical wine and spirits sales, aided by a resurgence of pan-Asian trade in the second half of the year.

As the largest seller of fine wine in Asia, the business benefited from this demand dynamic, with activity particularly frenetic at the top of the Bordeaux and Burgundy markets across existing but also significant new buyers.

Wine prices were notable for their stability in the face of the volatility seen in other assets during the middle of the year, something not lost on collectors and investors, with Bordeaux Index seeing a 60% increase in new account openings for their LiveTrade online wine trading platform, the most active exchange of its kind in the marketplace.

Given the momentum seen at the back end of the year and also possible tailwinds from developments such as the potential removal of US trade tariffs, the merchant is bullish on Bordeaux prices in 2021, already noting a clear perception of lower supply onto its LiveTrade platform at prevailing market prices.

Gary Boom, Founder & CEO, commented: “It was exciting to see a step-up in physical wine and spirits activity last year despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic – indeed we were particularly encouraged by the intensity of the buying in Asia and also the renewed focus on wine as an uncorrelated and capital-preserving alternative asset, which really benefited volumes on our LiveTrade online platform.  We enter 2021 with a very positive outlook on the market, where we think Bordeaux has the chance to test new highs - the significant refocusing on the region is very clear to us already in the activity we are seeing.”