Still cherishing the memory of that one special cuvée in your favourite fine dining restaurant in London, the one you shared on your friend’s boat in St. Tropez, or enjoyed over a business lunch in Hong Kong? There is a good chance that bottle was supplied by a Dutch company specialized in fine wines and spirits: Best of Wines. This boutique wine shop proudly sells high-end wines, whiskies, and other spirits to clients in over 50 countries around the world.

Meet premium wine and spirit merchant Best of Wines and let yourself be drawn into their amazing world of fine wines and rare spirits. Their exclusive product range contains tens of thousands of wines and whiskies of absolute top quality, where you are sure to find that one special bottle that has been waiting there for you. Whether it’s that beautifully aged Burgundy you were looking for, a specific vintage of Barolo, or a bottle from your year of birth; with over 60,000 bottles in stock, Best of Wines can offer almost any gem. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that this boutique wine shop is often called a candy store for wine connoisseurs.

Only the very best will do

As one of the oldest exclusive wine and spirit merchants in the Netherlands, Best of Wines—founded in 1907—has become the place to go for outstanding quality wines and spirits. With over a century of wine purchasing experience, you can expect a selection of absolute top-quality products. By cultivating and maintaining relationships with the most famous wineries around the world, they can confidently guarantee the provenance of these bottles. In fact, all of the stock is personally selected, based on independent proof of quality such as ranking from acclaimed critics, awards, and most importantly, personal expertise.

The cellar collection is expanding daily, with wines from the most renowned wine estates, whose names and labels alone are enough to make every wine lover’s mouth water. All wines and whiskies are stored in optimal conditions, climate-controlled and well secured. Everything is done in order to guarantee superb quality.  

Provenance is key

For decades, Best of Wines has proven to be your partner in wine. They meet their clients’ needs with in-depth knowledge, personal advice, and expertise. Every day, their experts search the market to buy interesting gems from selected wine estates and trusted private collectors. Having tasted practically all wines and whiskies in the collection themselves, they are always ready and more than happy to advise you accordingly for any occasion.

When buying from private collections, samples are taken and tasted to insure provenance and quality. Moreover, all the wines, whiskies, and spirits are thoroughly inspected and photographed upon entry. The website ( will therefore always display a reliable representation of each bottle and its condition. No unsuspected surprises!

Impeccable service is found in the smallest details

Although the merchant is located in the Netherlands, their wines and spirits are enjoyed around the world. Every order, no matter how big or small, is packed with the greatest care and shipped within a few days. Bottles are carefully packaged in secure boxes that are custom-designed for Best of Wines. In case anything might happen to a parcel during shipment, the wines are naturally insured against breakage and loss.  It’s the small details, such as a handwritten note from one of the staff members, that illustrate the personal touch and the level of perfection that wine enthusiasts from all over the world have come to expect from Best of Wines.

Every staff member - from the warehouse manager to the CEO - is known to be an absolute wine lover or whisky aficionado. A daily glance into our cellars and warehouse, stocked with the most precious gems from a 100-year-old Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese to the latest vintage of Sassicaia or Pétrus, will never cease to impress. Even after decades of experience in the world of wine and spirits!

More than anyone, the wine and whisky specialists of Best of Wines recognize that wonderful feeling of discovering a new producer, finding a bottle of the specific vintage you have looked for all this time, or selecting a real treat for that special occasion. That is exactly the reason why every single day, the staff is putting everything in place to make sure your carefully selected bottle arrives at your doorstep, needless to say, in an impeccable state.

Best of Wines is there for the lovers, the collectors and the drinkers. Come see for yourself and enter a wonderful world of treasures at