Based in a two-storey house in the eastern Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, Taste-Vin is one of South America’s finest exponents of French fine dining. Chef Rodrigo Fonseca is particularly noted for his soufflés—the menu features a dozen of his creations, along with a range of other French classics such as poisson en papillote, lapin à la moutarde, and duck confit.

To match Fonseca’s impeccable Gallic cuisine, the Taste-Vin wine list is inevitably strong in French wine, with the big-hitters of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Rhône (including many old and rare vintages), supplemented by choices from Alsace, Corsica, the Jura, the Loire, the Languedoc-Roussillon, and the South West.

Awarded the prize for the Best Long Wine List in South America for the second year in a row, what caught the attention of the judges this year is the way Taste-Vin combines their international list with top South American choices, nominating it for five regional and two global awards.

South America is particularly well represented, both by a small set of domestic and Uruguayan wines and, more comprehensively, in choices from Argentina and Chile. But there are deep selections from Italy, Portugal, Spain, and New Zealand, too, and a fantastic array of spirits on offer in a list that has been chosen with imagination and care.