It is said that a dish tells a story, from the growing and sourcing of ingredients, the way they are prepared and paired, and, of course, the final eating experience itself. Whether eating a delicate scallop revives memories of childhood beach escapades, or to conclude a chapter by drinking a mature vintage, there is part of a story in each bite and sip. This is the idea behind the restaurant Story, where head chef and owner Carl Thorne-Thomsen spends time carefully selecting and pairing the freshest and most interesting ingredients to create a menu and dining experience with character and history.

The story continues to develop whilst browsing the wine list, taking the reader around the world, with particular lengthy chapters in California, France, and Italy. With over 500 labels now stocked, the breadth and depth of the wine program is commendable. What stands out, though, is its domestic selection, which celebrates the best of Napa Valley, Washington, and Oregon.