Pappas Bros. Steakhouse Houston

From service to stemware, from storage conditions to the hosting of highly regarded wine events, the team at Houston’s Pappas Steakhouse take wine very seriously indeed. Not in a pompous way, it should be said: the feel here is democratically enthusiastic rather than elitist, although the judges were amused by the rather English restraint shown in the way the stock of some 3,500 different wines is described as “quite extensive.”

The World's Best Wine Lists' three-star awards are not simply bestowed for seriousness of purpose and length of list, however. And where Pappas scored in the judges’ opinion is the evident attention to detail that has gone into making the selections: despite the length, the list never feels like an attempt at being completist: every wine deserves its place. And what a range it is: as the team says, there is an inevitable focus on full-bodied reds (this is a steakhouse after all), but it is hard to imagine a connoisseur of any of the major wine producing regions in the world coming away disappointed from a truly global list full of pleasure.