Grand Old House

Built in 1908, and a restaurant since the late 1960s, Grand Cayman’s Grand Old House is something of a Cayman Islands institution. Now in the hands of a group of local entrepreneurs, it serves up smart contemporary international food that makes the most of local supplies. The wine list is as brilliantly diverse as the range of ingredients in a dish such as bacon-wrapped wahoo fish, with shrimp risotto, sautéed baby arugula, and coconut-pineapple beurre blanc sauce. Italy and Spain are among the highlights in the mix, with plenty of choices both classic (Piedmont, Tuscany; Rioja, Ribera del Duero) and lesser-spotted (Lazio, Sardinia; Bierzo, Cigales), and fans of mature Bordeaux and California won’t be disappointed. But there’s room in the Grand Old House for many other countries and styles, whether it’s a set of high-quality Bulgarian and Croatian wines, or a serious run of Austrian reds.