Cinghiale celebrates the prosperity and atmosphere of the social Italian table, with the restaurant being designed as a gathering place. With the inspiration of the of the late 1950's of chic Italian cities such as Milano, Cinghiale host a thriving atmosphere in the wine bar, Enoteca, and a relaxing setting in the dining room. Guests find themselves in a beautiful yet comfortable space. The cooking is authentic in style and taste while the widespread and award-winning wine list brings the world's largest wine-making country to existence.

The wine list which is updated weekly will definitely keep your heart warm with Italian home comforts you never knew you had. Tony Foreman, the wine director of Cinghiale began development of the wine cellar more than a year before Cinghiale opened in 2007. The wine list hosts a diverse collection of over 600 labels from Northern, Central and Southern Italy, and was invented to give guests the opportunity to have an enjoyable wine experience at any price. From aficionado to oenophile, Cinghiale certainly offers a wine to suit every palate.