Oaxen Krog

Widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Sweden, Oaxen Krog exudes Nordic charm in an understated manner from its Stockholm base.

Creative Manager and Owner, Magnus Ek, creates exquisite dishes, quietly exalting the homegrown herbs and Scandinavian produce in his ‘new Nordic’ style. Ingredients are carefully sourced from suppliers with eco-friendly credentials, in line with the restaurant’s philosophy of respect for nature and its resources. the ten course tasting menu offers plates such as cod baked with kelp with cream of grilled parsley and unripe plums and seaweed from the west coast; and strawberries marinated with ragweed and granité of plum kernels and woodruff ice cream.

The same ethos of respecting and co-operating with nature is observed in the wine list, which exclusively features Old World European wines from both famous and, in the majority, small and lesser-known producers. Highlights include older vintages, such as the Blanc de Blancs Champagne L’Artiste 2004, Le Mesnil Grand Cru 1995, and Fritz Haag Riesling Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Auslese 1990. The judges of the World’s Best Wine Lists Awards 2017 summed up the excellent list well, describing it as “lovely, classic, and chosen with conviction”.