The Trustee Bar & Bistro

Best-Designed / Most Original Wine List in Australasia

The wine list at stylish modern Perth bistro The Trustee is a rare example of a simple but novel idea, perfectly executed.

Featuring precisely 200 wines, it is divided into two pages, with one side featuring 100 wines over Aus$100, and the other featuring 100 wines over Aus$100.

As senior judge at The World’s Best Wine Lists 2015, Elin McCoy, said in explaining why it was awarded the Best Designed / Most Original Wine List in Australasia, “It’s just a masterpiece of clarity. In one glance you get a sense of how exactly to navigate this list, it’s really rare in my experience, and just so useful to the consumer.”

Clever presentation only goes so far, of course, but The Trustee earns its three-star status to more than just a single clever idea. Those 200 wines are brilliantly chosen, ranging from Alpine Italian obscurities to superb new-wave and classic Australians and fine Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmont, Rioja, and Champagne.