The Pluckemin Inn

The Pluckemin Inn is one of those small-town gems of American dining that are all to easily overlooked in the rush for the dazzle and glitz of the latest urban opening. Quietly doing its own thing in North Central New Jersey, it offers a perfectly judged menu of “contemporary American” cuisine, all local ingredients, presented with unpretentious flair.

This quiet, welcoming spot also happens to have one of the most complete collections of fine wine of any restaurant in the world: a truly remarkable compilation of the world’s best producers. Its Burgundy collection alone is a match for some of the storied restaurants in the region itself, and a draw for pinotphiles across the country. California, too, is a highlight, but then so is Champagne, Piedmont, and Bordeaux. And for those diners who would rather not navigate the full 10,000-bottle collection there is the no less varied and entertaining Pluckemin 100, a list of 100 bottles priced between $20 and $60.