Palais Coburg Residenz

An extraordinary wine list for an extraordinary place, the cellar at the five-star hotel in the 19th-century Palais Coburg Residenz in Vienna was the unanimous winner of the inaugural World’s Best Wine Lists awards.

Described by senior judge and WFW contributing editor, Andrew Jefford, as “almost dauntingly complete, completely eye-boggling and jaw-dropping,” the list at Palais Coburg Residenz also elicited a simple “Wow!” from Jefford and the other judges.

“The cellars must go on for miles,” Jefford continued. “The Austrian speciality is comprehensive even beyond the dreams of retail, and how many global restaurants could compete with this one for verticals of classics? As a big gun list, I don’t see that this can be beaten.”

Neither could the other judges. If the list went no further than the Austrian selection singled out by Jefford, it would be more than a match for most of its competition: Multiple vintages and vineyards from an A to Z of Austria’s best producers, red and white, from Alzinger to Veyder-Malberg.

As the pages progress, however, the full scope of the list—which is never graspingly priced—begins to dawn on the guest: the flights of Gaja and Sassicaia; the collection of Coche-Dury, DRC, and Henri Jayer; the extraordinary old bottles of Mouton, Lafite, and Latour, and the 100 vintages of Château d’Yquem; the Caymus, the Diamond Creek, and the Sine Qua Non.

A tribute to years of diligent work from successive teams of sommeliers, Palais Coburg’s is a “shock and awe list,” said Jefford, and will be difficult to beat.

Judges of the World’s Best Wine Lists 2017 applauded Palais Coburg for its “impressive” wine list, which is well-deserving of the leading title in the inaugural Champions’ League.