Opus Prime Steakhouse

For a top American steakhouse, a top American wine list: Oklahoma City’s Opus Prime has a fine collection of California and other West Coast wines to go with its prime cuts of USDA beef.

The set of top California Cabernet and Cabernet blends would be worth a visit alone, featuring as it does a comprehensive list of big name producers, with many an older vintage such as Silver Oak 1995, Opus One 1997, and Heitz Martha’s Vineyard 1993 thrown in among the several dozen bins.

These American classics are joined by a judiciously selected pick of top Bordeaux, where the relatively affordable (Larose de Gruaud 2005 or 2009) lines up alongside the fine and rare (Latour 1952, Cheval Blanc 1982). And the wine team also displays a passion for Pinot Noir (both domestic and Burgundian), Argentine Malbec, Australian Shiraz (and American and French Syrah), and Zinfandel.