Momofuku Ko

Versatile wines do best with the quick shifts of flavor in the seafood-heavy menu, hence a perfect match for Chang’s unconventional cuisine. During meals, wine is served in uncannily delicate glasses, from some of the world’s most revered grape stompers.

Ambrose Chiang has created an inspiring wine list, offering a choice of wines and winemakers that identify with the restaurant in all aspects. The wine list is organized by grape variety, country and producer.

Ambrose Chiang, alongside the team at Momofuku Ko takes the wine list in a different direction compared to previous years, and works to highlight wines of great age, and at significant value, to their guests. At the heart of the wine program is the strong ethos to ensure the best bottles from the restaurant’s most valued producers are properly cellared and delivered to customers “at the lowest possible price”, and have done this while preserving a high standard of wines.

Focusing on local ingredients Momofuku Ko presents a gourmet menu of seasonal delights, which draw upon the kitchen team’s expansive culinary knowledge from a range of cuisines.

Adding yet another accolade to its belt in the World’s Best Wine Lists 2017, Momofuku Ko claimed the title of Most Original Wine List in the World, alongside its regional recognition for Best Long Wine list and Best Designed Wine List, both in the North American region.