Some restaurant wine lists are admired for their expansive diversity; others for playing the role of ambassador for a single region, and FermentAsian is firmly in the latter camp.

That doesn’t mean that it only offers wines from the local Barossa region, although it happens to that very well. As the judges at the World’s Best Wine Lists 2015 said in awarding a Jury Prize, FermentAsian has “a wine list that expresses the modern Barossa and the Barossa wine community, both in terms of influence and their own wines. And it’s fun!”

On the “influence” side of the ledger, FermentAsian has, among many other treats, a superb array of Sherry, international sparkling wine (Gaillac and Loire as well as Cava and Champagne), and Gamay, lots of Gamay.

As for their “own wines,” there’s one of the most extensive collections of Barossa wine, with classics and the new-wave equally represented, and going very far beyond the big, fat Shiraz stereotype.

With a Vietnamese-inspired menu that also features dishes inspired by Australian takes on southeast Asian cuisine, it’s easy to see why so many winemakers in the region see FermentAsian as a second home.