Continuing with its trademark irreverent spirit, Terroir in New York City is a standout in the vibrant American wine bar scene, and a trailblazer for its legions of imitators worldwide - a worthy winner, then, of the World's Best Wine Bar 2015. With its artfully rough-and-ready punky design and typefaces, and its pop cultural references, it would be easy to dismiss the Terroir list as so much fashionable noise. But its appeal is down to more than presentation. The wines may be very much of the moment, and a 2018 judge described Terroir as “the place to try cutting edge choices that will influence other wine bars across the globe”. There is indeed a coherent stylistic thread running through the list of fully paid up natural wines, sympathetic fellow travelers, and traditional small producers - many of them available by the glass.


This is a list that takes wine seriously while firmly retaining a sense of fun. As World’s Best Wine Lists senior judge Alder Yarrow has said, "It has a heck of a lot of wines by the glass. And you can go there to have one glass of something amazing, or you can go there to explore the wine world one glass at a time. You can do both here. It's a great list with superb and varied by-the-glass options." Steven Solomon is the graphic designer of the award-winning list as well as co-owner of Terroir with Paul Grieco. The design is highly commended for its layout, humor and political references, with judge Andrew Jefford commenting that they should “put a copy in the Smithsonian.”