Pix Pâtisserie

Cheryl Wakerhauser, aka “Pix,” the pastry chef-cum-entrepreneur behind Portland’s quirky, much-loved Pix Pâtisserie and Bar Vivant, has what seems like an uncontrollable passion for Champagne. As the website for this bakery and tapas joint has it, “some women buy shoes, Cheryl buys Champagne”—a passion for great sparkling wine that earned Wakerhauser the inaugural award for World’s Best Champagne & Sparkling Wine List in 2014.

Our judges were impressed again this year—remarking on a “very strong selection” in Champagne and sparkling wine, but also drawing attention to the excellent range of Sherry.

Wakerhauser’s Champagne choice features more than 250 bottles, many of them with disgorgement dates clearly displayed, plus a further 60 sparkling wines from around the world.

The Sherry list, meanwhile, runs to more than 70 bottles, covering every style, with 11 by the glass, and a tasting flight offering “multiple styles”.

With what the WBWL judges described as a “solid range” of red and white wines from around the world to match Wakerhauser’s small-plate cuisine, Pix’s individualism continues to stand out from the crowd.