Air France

Each year, over 800,000 bottles of wine and 750,000 bottles of champagne are served in Air France cabins. With an obvious focus on French wines, they do truly bring the best to their customers. Bettanne and Dessauce, authors of “Le GrandGuide des vins de France”, alongside Paolo Basso design their lists. Basso gained international recognition in 1997 after being awarded “Best Swiss Sommelier”, “Best European Sommelier” in 2010 and finally in 2013 he was crowned best of the best, and finally gained the World champion title. He acts as a consultant for a number of hotel chains and restaurants and has become a specialist in rare and collector’s wines. They pay particular attention when choosing the wines to how they would react in the air and how the pressure and temperature modify how they taste.


Air France has been commended at other award ceremonies too, winning awards at the ‘Business Traveller Cellars in the Sky Awards 2017’ for their champagnes and wines in La Première and Business cabins.


The judges at the 2018 awards commended the airline in particular for having such a fantastic selection across all classes, and for staying so dedicated to providing the best French wines. In first class, Michelin starred chefs design the menus accompanying the wines, making the experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible.