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  1. Wine of the Month: Our top pick from Australian Rieslings

    At first glance, "Riesling" and "Australia" seem unlikely consorts. The former is the archetypical white grape of high-latitude Europe, producing wines of bewildering delicacy, impalpable alcohol, the freshest of fruits, gossamer enchantment. The latter, for most wine drinkers outside Australia, means generally red wines of lavish ripeness and unqualified exuberance, throbbing with flavor and enchanting by their lack of delicacy -- in other words, everything Riesling isn't. Drinkers making their way up the lower rungs of the wine ladder are often surprised to discover Australia produces any Riesling at all.

  2. World’s Best Wine Lists revealed

  3. Wine List Awards 2014

    This year marks The World of Fine Wine’s 10th birthday and to celebrate we are launching our Wine List Awards. We have an exciting set of categories and our judges include some of the world’s most renowned wine writers and critics including Andrew Jefford, Gerard Basset MW MS, Elin McCoy and Tom Stevenson as well as our very own editor Neil Beckett.

  4. Wine: Myths and Reality

  5. Champagne Selosse: The House that Jacques Built

  6. Third win for WFW at Louis Roederer Awards

    The World of Fine Wine completes an unprecedented hat trick at leading international wine-publishing awards

  7. World's Best Wine Lists 2015

  8. Winelist awards judging protocal

  9. World’s Best Wine Lists 2015

  10. World's Best Wine Lists 2014

  11. One bottle

    Andrew Jefford share s his reflections on one very special bottle

  12. Tokaj Renascent

    With some of its greatest vineyards still to be rediscovered and replanted, it is unclear whether Tokaj will develop more like Bordeaux or like Burgundy. Andrew Jefford explains the current controversies over style and terroir in this fascinating and rewarding region, now casting its gold in new shapes

Covid-19 Update

The 7th edition of the World’s Best Wine Lists awards will still continue. Anyone who already entered their list will be in the judging process which is not affected by the current Covid-19 crisis, and anyone still wishing to submit their wine list can do so till Friday 17th July. The results will be published as usual by December 2020.